Salt Water Pools for the Far -n- High Achiever?

Does a salt water pool provide the ultimate in high performance swimming pool enjoyment that Far -n- High achievers desire or is it just another marketing fad?

High achievers prefer the best in life, we look for it, crave it, and demand it from ourselves and the products services we consume. So, when it comes down to it, what is the ultimate when it comes to your pools performance, comfort, protection, and reliability? Will a typical saltwater pool system measure up when it comes to the discriminating Far -n- High type consumer? Let’s examine the salt-water pool its benefits, drawbacks, and alternatives.


Saltwater pool


Salt Water Pool Technology

Saltwater pool systems have been around for years now, and they tend to continue to be the hot item with consumers when it comes to alternatives to standard chlorination methods and ease of use. Consumers who think they are getting away from chlorine exposure by going to a salt water pool system are ill-informed when it comes to the mechanics and operation of this popular pool sanitation system.

Salt-water pools are not chlorine free pools, but they can be far less obnoxious as far as chlorine smells, comfort, and chemical irritation goes. Salt pool systems produce their chlorine for pool sanitation by separating salt molecules electronically (electrolysis) to release the chloride portion of the molecule which can then be used to create sanitizing products to keep your water clear, clean, and healthy.

Some of the large benefits of this method include the fact that there are no other additives, stabilizers, conditioners, etc. in the sanitizing chlorine being produced. This is unlike traditional store purchased chlorine which can include up to 90% other ingredients that can be irritating and hazardous. With a salt water system, you can forget about purchasing, transporting, storing, and administering dangerous chlorine products.

Many people find the water quality of salt water pools exceeds that of standard chlorination. Many with chlorine pool allergies and irritation find no problems with salt in the pool systems. Hair doesn’t change color, fabrics don’t fade, the skin doesn’t dry out, or rash and breathing problems and obnoxious odors are eliminated with a properly maintained salt-water-pool system.


So, are salt-water-pools the ultimate solution for comfort, reliability, and performance?

Well, not exactly. Though there are significant benefits to salt chlorine generated systems, there are also inherent problems and drawbacks.

First is the salt issue. Salt is corrosive, it conducts electricity in water far better than pure water, it can discolor and harm surfaces, landscaping, erode metal, etc. and hundreds of pounds of it need to be added to the pool to achieve concentrations capable of producing enough chlorine to sanitize the pool. It can be dangerous. Some counties have ordinances against salt water pools, and you must check first to know if they are even allowed in your region.

Even at best, salt levels in the swimming pool will never reach optimal concentrations for chlorine production and your pumping and filtering equipment must continually be run to generate chlorine for the pool as the salt in the water must be continuously pumped through the salt chlorinator cell to make chlorine. This can require long hours and wear and tear on equipment during peak chlorine demand seasons.


So what is the answer?

Here are the Primary Benefits of Salt Water Pool Systems

  • No purchasing, handling, storing dangerous and impure chlorine products
  • Comfortable less irritating swimming experience
  • Automated sanitation of swimming water (protection is more consistent.
  • Chemical costs for sanitation may be reduced under proper conditions


Here are the primary drawbacks to salt in the pool chlorination systems

  • Chlorine production is largely inefficient
  • Increased electrical consumption during chlorination cycles can drive up operational costs
  • Wear and tear on surfaces pool equipment etc. can be detrimental and expensive
  • Ordinances may limit or exclude salt water pools in your area (Salt water is an environmental hazard).
  • Salt Chlorinator Cell cleaning and reliability with standard salt in the pool systems can be problematic
  • Saltwater in the swimming pool systems can make ph control problematic


Are there solutions to these drawbacks or alternatives to salt water pool systems?

Yes, companies like Chlorine Genie Inc have been addressing issues like these for years, selling, servicing, and running maintenance calls on salt water systems for decades looking for solutions. Believing in the benefits of salt water chlorination but as irritated as anyone with the drawbacks they have sought to continually search for salt-water pool solutions and technology that would produce a better system.


The Chlorine Genie Salt Water Pool Solutionsalt water pool chlorinator

The Chlorine Genie Pool Water Management System is the cutting edge in salt water chlorine generator technology and worthy of the discriminating Far -n- High consumer’s attention.

The system virtually eliminates every problem and complaint about saltwater pool systems and retains all the benefits, comforts, and convenience. Imagine a pool sanitation system that eliminates the need to add salt or commercial chlorine to the pool. Imagine a non-corrosive, non-irritating, pool system that overcomes problems with salt cell cleaning, clogging, and reliability, that is dependable and addresses the issues other systems neglect or have no good answer for.


Chlorine Genie Salt Water Chlorination Benefits:

  • Don’t put salt in the pool put it in the stand alone Chlorine Genie Chlorinator
  • No need for endless pumping, wear, and tear, and increased electrical consumption with standard installations
  • No salt in the pool water means no salt on you, on your pools equipment, landscaping, metal, or other surfaces
  • Ph problems are easy to control as the Genie has its acid and base products for control
  • Cell cleaning is push button simple no removal, plumbing, or tools are required
  • Cell produces chlorine from a concentrated efficient brine solution
  • Cells run cleaner as no pool water is ever used in the chlorinator system
  • No salt water pool ordinance restrictions to spoil your plans
  • The Genie can produce up to 5 important pool chemicals


The Chlorine Genie is More than Just Another Salt Water Pool System

It is easy to see that the Chlorine Genie is more than just another salt water pool system. In fact, the complete pool water management system can manufacture and take care of up to five necessary pool chemicals keeping your pool water clean, clear, luxurious, year-round.

If you are looking into the Far -n- High solution for your swimming pool and want truly luxurious pool water without the regular salt in the pool hassles, the Chlorine Genie is our recommendation for the discriminating consumer.

Check out the Genie today, and you’ll see why it is our Far -n- High choice for a salt water pool solution.